Why Spotify?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a massive fan of Spotify. There is a simple reason for this, I like to be able to take my music collection everywhere I go and with Spotify I can! With the Windows desktop application for my main computers and laptops, and the BlackBerry mobile client for […]

Its the weekend :)

Its the weekend! Much needed after a pretty busy week, although its not all fun and games, some serious work needs done too. Planning some shopping (food) and maths tomorrow, maybe a bit of programming to! Then sunday is all about relaxing and doing team project work, its something that requires thinking and thankfully can […]

Peter vs BlackBerry

So tonight my bold 9900 decides it has a low priority update to install, shouldn’t be an issue should it? After about 40 minutes into the installation, the phone rebooted and to my surprise, did not start again. Knowing this is always a possibility, I connected to BlackBerry Desktop Manager and installed the new update […]


I have decided I needed a more organised and maybe professional place to organize my thoughts and opinions on things. I have chosen wordpress as my online collaboration tool simply because I am familiar with its workings and I can easily move it over to my own domain name when everything is set up nicely. My main […]