Housemate Profiles… Steph

Name: Stephanie Age: 19 Studies: Primary Education From: England Steph is the mother of the house. She makes sure we all eat, sleep and get our work done. There are so many things that wouldn’t get done if Steph wasn’t here. While I remember, Steph’s new red hair in the photo above 🙂 I have […]

Housemate Profiles… RyRy

Name: Ryan Age: 20 Studies: Environment Science From: Northern Ireland Second in my series of housemate profiles, my own beloved twin brother Ryan/RyRy. In case you haven’t worked it out by now, they are going in alphabetical order! Having known RyRy for a long time, I think I can safely say quite a few things […]

Housemate Profiles… Sam

Name: Samantha Age: 19 Studies: Psychology From: Wales You where asking for me to finish these profiles as soon as possible so here you go! I have only known Sam since I started university and I can safely say that she is one of my best friends. I know I could tell her anything and […]

Housemate Profiles… Sophie

Name: Sophie Age: 20 Studies: Psychology From: England Last but in no way least, Sophie! That is the south of England, wouldn’t want to get mixed up with those Northerners. The only other real coffee drinker in the house, caffeine buddies if you will 🙂 Only person who didn’t live in Adda 2.1 last year, […]

Productive Day!

After a long weekend of chilling with John, thought I better knuckle down and get some work done! Clear minded, I picked up my latest Engineering Analysis assignment with a cup of freshly ground coffee and started work. Amazingly, I managed to complete all of the questions without any mistakes, and without needing to stop […]

Housemate Profiles… Chris

Name: Christian Age: 20 Studies: Film Studies From: Bulgaria The first in my series of house mate profiles, Chris! Crazy rebel child from that dark place called Bulgaria. Resident film guru and rock music lover. Always up for some banter, card games, rocking out, and deals with the amount we take the piss out of […]

Another reason I love Spotify :)

It is pretty rare that a company treats its community contributors as well as Spotify does. As the top contributor for October, the lovely team at Spotify got in touch to let me know they needed my address to send me some goodies! They arrived this morning, after only having to wait 2 days, now […]