Project Planning and Management

Started my Project Planning and Management module for this semester today, I don’t think I have ever had so much fun in a learning environment before! The task, in team, was to create an archway out of Lego bricks, with bricks and time both eating into our allocated budget for the project. Any money we did not […]

Top Tunes

I am in a sharing kinda mood tonight! Want to know what I like listening to most on Spotify? (If you couldn’t already guess from my feed!). Well here is my top picks playlist:

Co-curricular activities for this semester!

I am very happy to announce that I will be taking part in Bangor University’s Enterprise by Design scheme this semester. The scheme involves creating a new and innovative product for a real company (in this case, DMM) in multidisciplinary teams built up from students in several different departments including Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Design […]


Thank you for your application to the Jaguar Land Rover Undergraduate programme – Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Sponsorship Scheme and for completing the online tests. Having reviewed your responses, you have performed extremely well and we would like to invite you to an Assessment Centre. Congratulations!  We received a large number of applications of a very […]

Another month at the Top

The Spotify Top Community Contributors list for December has been published and I spend another month at the top! A month of free premium is coming my way 🙂 Also for anyone wondering why I like to help out so much, I tried to explain it here.

Exams are over :)

Well today marks the end of my exams, thank goodness they are over! What is strange though, out of the 5 exams, most people found the 2 Computer Science based ones easier, I am the complete opposite. I find the Electronic Engineering ones much more easy to manage! They all went well though, that is […]