On the move

Currently sitting in Bangor train station waiting for the 1623 train to Chester, the first leg of my journey to Coventry. I have to say, I’m really excited to get down there and show them what I have to offer tomorrow 🙂

Enjoying a day off :)

It is pretty rare I get a day off during the week, but with a lab session cancelled this morning and the report they suggested we spend the time writing instead already written (super organised this semester!) I had a nice day just to chill out a little bit. I know I have other work […]

Having an easy day

After a good night last night, its nice to have an easy day with no real work to do! Will be diving back into the world of Matlab tomorrow to finish a laboratory assignment. Having a very hungry and thirsty day today! So far had two lunches and several cups of coffee! Taking this opportunity […]