At home

Well it is easter holidays, but it has been a few mad days since I got home! Arrived home on saturday night to a broken boiler so the house was freezing, thankfully a lovely man appeared yesterday and replaced the boiler! That wasn’t the only thing that was broken when we got back, but everything […]

Apologies for missing content!

Any content that has gone missing recently is due to a few minor issues.  The Spotify Community Badge which should be over there ——–>  is having a few technical issues but should hopefully be back soon!  Any of my work which is missing, including stuff from this year should be re-added soon, doing a little […]

Looking for something to listen to!?

Interesting story behind this one! I was tweeting a few of my favourite new discoveries from Spotify, and I got an email saying I was now being followed by @thegoodnatured so of course I immediately checked them out. I have to say, they don’t have much content on Spotify, but I am totally in love […]


Got a phone call this evening from Jaguar Land Rover offering me a place on their Undergraduate Sponsorship Scheme! I clearly did something right at the assessment day! 🙂  Literally so excited for this summer and the future!  My feelgood track at the minute, play it loud!