The cost of printing…

We have all been there, need to hand an assignment in – you hit print and then realise you don’t have enough paper for the job. No worries, can always print it at uni right? Not if you don’t want to spend a fortune! Printing that one document cost me more than £5, fair enough […]

13 months at the top!

Spotify Top Contributors for October 2013 just went live on over the Community Blog – can’t complain another month at the top and more goodies on the way! A huge thanks to everyone who takes part in the Spotify Community including the Staff and other Super Users who work a lot in front of and behind […]

Exam Timetable

Always hate to look at the Examinations Timetable when it goes live, just in case it is absolutely horrid. This year, it could be better – but at least it’s not horrible! Also, since I’m not going to be working at Christmas – plenty of time to revise with many cups of delicious tea and […]

Really loving this album!

I’ve never been a massive The Naked And Famous fan before, but lately I just can’t stop listening to The Naked And Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You. If you have Spotify, give it a listen below. If you don’t, do you live under a rock!? Ok, maybe the last sentence isn’t a fair comment – but are […]