Happy New Year!

It might be stating the obvious, but as the clock struck midnight last night a year was completed and a brand new one started. Many people see the new year as a new beginning, me not so much, beginning of a new journal book yes, but huge personal changes no. I mentioned in a previous […]

20 facts about me (from ages ago!)

I just happened to find this list while looking for some photos to go in my New Years post (still a work in progress). Part of an Instagram trend a while back I never thought to share, until now. 1) My name is Peter Doggart 2) I have a non-identical twin called Ryan 3) I […]

When people say ridiculous things.

Taylor Swift recently pulled her content from Spotify as has been widely reported. Yesterday, she finally spoke out about her actions to Yahoo Music. I just wanted to pass comment on a few things she said in her interview regarding music streaming. If I had streamed the new album, it’s impossible to try to speculate […]

We all love our phones.

We all love our mobile phones, for the younger generation (including myself), internet access and communication on the move are something we have grown up to expect. Anyone who has broken a phone and doesn’t have a spare knows how difficult it can be to get through a day without being able to quickly send […]

A gem of a track!

Was over on Soundcloud today looking for some new music to listen to. I sometimes hop over to Soundcloud to listen to remixes and things that aren’t available on Spotify. Came across this track, this it is possibly the most interesting track I’ve heard all year!

Summer Draws To A Close

3 items of big news (they always come in 3’s!): – I have secured a graduate job at Jaguar Land Rover after another awesome summer of undergraduate placement – really enjoyed myself and looking forward to coming back! 😀 For anyone else who might be interested in undergraduate placements (summer and year long) or graduate […]