Summer Draws To A Close

3 items of big news (they always come in 3’s!): – I have secured a graduate job at Jaguar Land Rover after another awesome summer of undergraduate placement – really enjoyed myself and looking forward to coming back! 😀 For anyone else who might be interested in undergraduate placements (summer and year long) or graduate […]

New Project – Using Pattern Recognition is it possible to accurately predict someone’s age by the music they listen to on Spotify?

I’ve missed doing some pattern recognition programming this semester after doing so much last year, so I thought I would give it a go myself. The question I have posed (to myself, blogging in case anyone else is interested) – Is it possible to predict someone’s age based on the music they listen to? Or […]

Exam Results are In…

4 exams, averaged 92% (pending exam board finalization) – not too shabby! Let’s hope I can keep that up for the next year and a half! Also moved one step closer to completing Bangor Employability Award, 28 more points to go – should be able to polish that off by the end of the year […]

Spotify Goes Free on Mobile

Spotify is now free to use on all of your devices, including mobile phones and tablets! So download the application, sign in and enjoy your music! This comes on the same day Spotify announced they are the only streaming service to have the complete Led Zeppelin back catalogue (releasing 2 albums a day this week!) […]

13 months at the top!

Spotify Top Contributors for October 2013 just went live on over the Community Blog – can’t complain another month at the top and more goodies on the way! A huge thanks to everyone who takes part in the Spotify Community including the Staff and other Super Users who work a lot in front of and behind […]

Really loving this album!

I’ve never been a massive The Naked And Famous fan before, but lately I just can’t stop listening to The Naked And Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You. If you have Spotify, give it a listen below. If you don’t, do you live under a rock!? Ok, maybe the last sentence isn’t a fair comment – but are […]

Today was just an epic day! :)

Today has just been one of the best days in a while! 🙂 The sun was shining, had a lovely day out with one of my house mates who is always away on placements which was nice, with chips, ice cream and the lovely Bangor scenery! Add on top of that, I am getting an […]