Looking for something to listen to!?

Interesting story behind this one! I was tweeting a few of my favourite new discoveries from Spotify, and I got an email saying I was now being followed by @thegoodnatured so of course I immediately checked them out. I have to say, they don’t have much content on Spotify, but I am totally in love […]

Top Tunes

I am in a sharing kinda mood tonight! Want to know what I like listening to most on Spotify? (If you couldn’t already guess from my last.fm feed!). Well here is my top picks playlist:

Another month at the Top

The Spotify Top Community Contributors list for December has been published and I spend another month at the top! A month of free premium is coming my way 🙂 Also for anyone wondering why I like to help out so much, I tried to explain it here.

Another reason I love Spotify :)

It is pretty rare that a company treats its community contributors as well as Spotify does. As the top contributor for October, the lovely team at Spotify got in touch to let me know they needed my address to send me some goodies! They arrived this morning, after only having to wait 2 days, now […]