Us, The EU & The Future

I tend to keep out of the political sphere. I always make an effort to vote, as I feel that is a hugely important part of our democracy but normally how I vote is not something I publicly declare. However, the result of the EU referendum, which is quite possibly the biggest and most important […]

It’s almost Christmas

Had such a good day tooday! And it’s almost Christmas! And there is hope my favourite blog program Windows Live Writer will live on and get updated again! These are all YEY things!   The days at work go so much smoother when there is more work time and less meetings, so nice to be […]

Opinions, Knowledge & Understanding

I have always been a great believer in the ideology that everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is something you are taught as a child that you never forget. Opinions are great things, they give you an insight into people, their thoughts, other ways of thinking, things you missed or have never thought about […]

20 facts about me (from ages ago!)

I just happened to find this list while looking for some photos to go in my New Years post (still a work in progress). Part of an Instagram trend a while back I never thought to share, until now. 1) My name is Peter Doggart 2) I have a non-identical twin called Ryan 3) I […]

Heading Home

Well it’s been 10 weeks of placement since I have been home so it’s about time for a visit even though I will be seeing the family in a few weeks anyways! Late birthday party tomorrow night! On a side note – I had a truly epic holiday last weekend so a massive thank you […]

11 Days To Go

Worth starting a countdown since I am massively excited – can’t post what the event is yet but its big! πŸ˜€ Involves me leaving the UK for the first time in a long time and something which is very long overdue!