Summer Draws To A Close

3 items of big news (they always come in 3’s!): – I have secured a graduate job at Jaguar Land Rover after another awesome summer of undergraduate placement – really enjoyed myself and looking forward to coming back! 😀 For anyone else who might be interested in undergraduate placements (summer and year long) or graduate […]

Killing time on the boat

Just got around to uploading this (since I couldn’t get a reliable connection on the boat to do it then!)….   Well, since the Internet on the boat is being incredibly slow (guess that is what happens when 1000+ people try and share a 1Mbit sat. connection) I guess it is good time to blog […]

Exam Results are In…

4 exams, averaged 92% (pending exam board finalization) – not too shabby! Let’s hope I can keep that up for the next year and a half! Also moved one step closer to completing Bangor Employability Award, 28 more points to go – should be able to polish that off by the end of the year […]

Its Friday! :)

Another busy week comes to an end! So much been going on this week: – Work has been pretty busy especially with me going to another site for the next two weeks, deadlines for things are going to be tight! I’ve been moving around teams a lot over the past two weeks, and although I […]