Placement Week 1 – Speedy Summary

Well it has been a mad week, the long journey here was just the beginning of being tired! That being said, was amazingly happy to see Stephanie at the weekend, really missing everyone already! First thing I want to say is work is hard. Not hard as in mentally difficult, but hard because working days […]

Today was just an epic day! :)

Today has just been one of the best days in a while! 🙂 The sun was shining, had a lovely day out with one of my house mates who is always away on placements which was nice, with chips, ice cream and the lovely Bangor scenery! Add on top of that, I am getting an […]

First day back

Well my first day back at uni is finally drawing to a close, its been a good day! Some challenging lectures as normal, but I think I am finally getting my head around this Sensors module! Hopefully going to blitz another assignment tomorrow and get a good bit of my team project stuff done on […]


Got a phone call this evening from Jaguar Land Rover offering me a place on their Undergraduate Sponsorship Scheme! I clearly did something right at the assessment day! 🙂  Literally so excited for this summer and the future!  My feelgood track at the minute, play it loud!  

On the move

Currently sitting in Bangor train station waiting for the 1623 train to Chester, the first leg of my journey to Coventry. I have to say, I’m really excited to get down there and show them what I have to offer tomorrow 🙂

Enjoying a day off :)

It is pretty rare I get a day off during the week, but with a lab session cancelled this morning and the report they suggested we spend the time writing instead already written (super organised this semester!) I had a nice day just to chill out a little bit. I know I have other work […]

Having an easy day

After a good night last night, its nice to have an easy day with no real work to do! Will be diving back into the world of Matlab tomorrow to finish a laboratory assignment. Having a very hungry and thirsty day today! So far had two lunches and several cups of coffee! Taking this opportunity […]