Over the weekend, myself and brother couldn’t help but notice that the ETA displayed on my Renault R-Link system with TomTom Live Maps was incorrect. It appeared to be displaying a time +1 hours ahead of current, even though the main clock was set correctly.

Having searched the internet for a solution to this and came up empty handed, I sat down with the system and went through the settings pages to try and find a fix. And eventually I did.

Turns out, I had deselected the “Set Time Automatically” option in the Time & Date options page of the R-Link system, when I changed the clock to adjust for the beginning of British Summer Time (BST). Once this is turned back on, the clock will go blank for a minute whilst I’m guessing it retrieves the time either from an FM traffic update or via TomTom Live over the internet. However, once this was complete the navigation ETA was fixed, so I’m guessing it’s a small time zone related issue!

Just thought I would share, of the off chance anyone else comes across it!