This WordPress Blog gets opened as a default tab each time I open Chrome. I set it up as a constant reminder to update my blog, which you would think in theory would be a good idea. It turns out though, each time I open Chrome, I always have something else to do so it has just been pushed to the background… until now!

Life has been a little mental lately, but as things have quieted down a little now – let the updates begin. New Theme? Done. Comment cleanup (so much spam!)? Done. New Social Networks Added? Done. Remove broken Spotify Community Stats Module? Done.

So what’s been going on lately? Well firstly, whilst I type this I have my Spotify on what I like to call “Discovery Mode” to find some new tracks and I think I have just fallen in love with this:

Now, onto what’s new!:

  • I completed my placement with Jaguar Land Rover – What a summer it was! Seems like so long ago now already that university life is back in full swing. I had a wonderful time working, learnt a hell of a lot and met some amazing people. Very much looking forward to getting back to it this summer!
  • Had my 21st birthday at the end of August, which prompted a short trip (and I really do mean short) home although it was very nice to see everyone including old friends.

University is lined up to be an excellent year too. All of my modules are interesting, but as expected pretty challenging. My dissertation has definitely got me working and thinking hard too. My title is:

Modelling of Transparent Conductive Oxides for use in Organic Photovoltaic Cells

An investigation into modelling the electrical and optical properties of Indium Tin Oxide

It’s a lot of maths, MatLab and simulation – but it’s definitely interesting stuff! Really enjoying it so far!

Final news – I’m going to visit the US in April to visit a friend 😀