Everyone who knows me knows that I am a total BlackBerry fan, but no one else seems to understand why. So this is my chance to explain it, hopefully!

Lets address the monster in the closet first though. BlackBerry has issues, I’m not going to lie. The service outages are the main one, having a 7 day or more service outage in this day and age is a big deal, its front page news in fact. This is the main reason so many people have moved away from BlackBerry, but lets look at it in perspective. Computers break its a fact of life, anyone who claims to have 100% uptime is a fool, if something can go wrong it will (Murphy’s Law). As long as they learn from their mistakes and it never happens again, then that is fine by me. RIM also seem to have got a bad image amongst certain groups for making phones that break all the time. I would like to point out now that yes, I have had a phone fail, but it was replaced free of charge by RIM the very next day! If that’s not customer service I don’t know what is. Also the build quality on my current Bold 9900 is fantastic and BB7 is very stable. I can’t see myself having any issues until my contract renewal day!

So what are the other reasons I stand by BlackBerry?

  • The physical keyboard – The keyboard on my Bold 9900 is fantastic, its the perfect size, laid out correctly and makes typing on the device a pleasure.
  • The integrated touch screen – BB7 was never designed to be used on touch only devices, but the touchscreen complements the optical trackpad beautifully.
  • Convenience keys – The ability to launch the camera with a single button and press it again to take a snap is fast and easy.
  • Speed – The operating system and applications never seem to lag or take a while to load.
  • Application integration – BBM connected applications and push notifications on Facebook and Twitter keep you connected all the time.
  • BBM – In my opinion by far the best messaging platform currently on the market. There is literally nothing you can’t do with it at great speed.
  • Notification LED – These are becoming more and more common but it is one of the best features. I can be sitting in a library or even a lecture with my phone on the desk beside my pencil case and can see if I have a message or not without even lifting the phone. Also when traveling the LED coverage indicator is very useful to let you know when you are connected.
  • Applications – For every job that I need to get done, I have been able to find an application on the app store for. Forget if apple/android have more, BlackBerry has everything you need.
  • Playbook Integration – I also have a BlackBerry playbook. I don’t use it for anything fancy, mainly just note taking and looking at lecture slides. BlackBerry Bridge allows me to connect my phone to the tablet and access and send BBM, text messages and emails right there on the tablet. It can also access my phones calendar and tasks and use my BIS connection on my phone to connect the tablet to the internet if WiFi is not available. The playbook will also get the BlackBerry 10 update sometime in 2013!

So there you have it, the reasons I still love BlackBerry. And before you ask yes, I will be staying with BlackBerry after my current contract ends! Blackberry 10 looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on a device to play with.