4 exams, averaged 92% (pending exam board finalization) – not too shabby! Let’s hope I can keep that up for the next year and a half! Also moved one step closer to completing Bangor Employability Award, 28 more points to go – should be able to polish that off by the end of the year with some workshops!

Everything has been pretty standard lately, some truly mad weather yesterday but gave everyone a good excuse to have a lazy day and in fact I got quite a lot of Spotify Community and University work done, accompanied by a ridiculous amount of tea so it was a pleasant day!

This weeks top new music discovery comes from my friend Jack, excellent band thanks for the recommendation!:

In other news, small number of website tweaks! Added my Spotify Follow button over there (—->) so be sure to Follow Me! Also a cool article about my on the Spotify Blog about my amazing trip to Stockholm during summer to meet the team face to face!