Another busy week comes to an end! So much been going on this week:
– Work has been pretty busy especially with me going to another site for the next two weeks, deadlines for things are going to be tight! I’ve been moving around teams a lot over the past two weeks, and although I have learnt a lot I just wish I was with each team for a little longer! There are definitely some top people working around me, and so much to learn from them.
– My Performance Review for the placement was very positive, and I have been recommended for a return placement in the future which makes me very happy!
– I’m getting a nice 5 day break when I go on holiday on Thursday since it’s a bank holiday weekend! Really looking forward to seeing my friends and going overseas 😀
– Only 4 weeks to go on placement too, 2/3 of the way through and it really has flown in! I still feel like I’ve only just settled in, and next week I am up in another different office!

– On the university front, I have been awarded two awards for my examination results which averaged at 84% for the year!
– I have submitted my project choices, which I am really excited to get started on when we get back!

Friday night playlist even though I’m not going out: