It feels like ages since I wrote anything here! Promise it hasn’t been forgotten, just been mentally busy lately!

Busy doing what? Exams mainly but they are FINALLY OVER!!! πŸ˜€ just 1 more presentation to do next week and then it is summer time! Looking forward to getting home for a bit before placement starts πŸ™‚

Other news:
– I got to speak to the legend that is Daniel Ek (founder of Spotify) on the phone. What a cool guy, I hope its not the last time we are in touch!
– On the subject of Spotify, I know sport an amazing set of Spotify branded headphones thanks to the Spotify community team. You guys rock!
– All university work was submitted on time in the end of year rush, and to be honest I am pleased with almost all of it! πŸ˜€ new sample works and things should appear here sometime soon!
– The matlab exam was a massive screw up on the universities side, not one bit happy but I am sure the exams board will be able to work something out. The rest of the exams have gone well!
– Its past already, but happy birthday to my housemate Chris, hope you had an epic day!

Also stay tuned, my 15,000th post on the Spotify community is lined up for tomorrow, I am sure there will be some celebratory posts appearing!

Summary?: loving life πŸ˜€