I just happened to find this list while looking for some photos to go in my New Years post (still a work in progress). Part of an Instagram trend a while back I never thought to share, until now.

1) My name is Peter Doggart
2) I have a non-identical twin called Ryan
3) I am from Belfast (Northern Ireland), however I’ve spent the last few years at University in Bangor (Wales) and I work in Jaguar Land Rover in Coventry (England) over summer – has given me a rather strange accent! #wellsosaysmumanyways
4) Whilst on the topic of university, I’m now a 4th year MEng Computer Systems Engineering student. University has been made great by my friends.
5) I live by my own set of 40 rules (and yes they are written down!), rarely shared, always followed.
6) I love music, and through Spotify have met so many amazing people and discovered new music.
7) I really appreciate good design, but I try not to have “brand loyalty” for the sake of it. If there is a better tool, use it instead.
8) I have an utter hatred for the M6 Motorway around Birmingham
9) I find it hard to relax, especially when at home – I like to be constantly busy.
10) I suffer from major “I miss the sea” syndrome when living in the West Midlands having always lived close to it at home and at university.
11) I have represented my country (NI) in international Karate.
12) I have a huge array of names that I will respond to after years of training by my friends: Peter, Pedro, Pepe, Pepandra, Potato, Migit, Small Fry…. The list goes on.
13) I have wonderful international friends too.
14) I very much enjoy driving late at night when the roads are quiet and you have time to enjoy driving a bit.
15) I am generally happy.
16) Despite what my friends say, I really enjoy coffee not just for the caffeine. (And I have given it up for lent to prove it is not an addiction)
17) I find it almost impossible to answer questions like “What is your favourite film?” because those sorts of questions are always subjective to my mood. I do however tend to watch both Taken films back to back if feeling sad. #everyonedieshappyending
18) Some of my university work is published in the Journal of Applied Physics. #excitingtimes
19) I have massively flat feet (which I should probably do more to look after) which sometimes causes me huge knee pain when running.
20) I’m not a huge fan of watching sport, the one exception is F1 which I have followed religiously for the last few years.