Well it is easter holidays, but it has been a few mad days since I got home!

Arrived home on saturday night to a broken boiler so the house was freezing, thankfully a lovely man appeared yesterday and replaced the boiler!
That wasn’t the only thing that was broken when we got back, but everything else is now fixed too! I truly believe this house gets mad when its lonely!

Decided when I got back, I was in need of a break, so bravely I am having a week of pure relaxation in the hope I can still squeeze all of the uni work and revision I want to get done into 2 weeks instead of 3! Actually shouldn’t be too bad, I’m happy to spend hours working as long as there is plenty of tea/coffee and biscuits on demand! (And good music of course!)

Been talking to Megan in the US a lot lately, including 2 awesome skype conversations (including some music!) She is awesome, easiest person to talk to ever and her accent will never seize to make me smile 🙂 its weird how things work out, I never really knew her when she was here at uni that well, but she is the one I keep in touch with most and now if I was going to visit anyone abroad it would be her!

Big JR is coming over for dinner tomorrow which should be good fun, a catch up and summary of his most recent trips is definitely needed!