Name: Ryan

Age: 20

Studies: Environment Science

From: Northern Ireland

Second in my series of housemate profiles, my own beloved twin brother Ryan/RyRy. In case you haven’t worked it out by now, they are going in alphabetical order!

Having known RyRy for a long time, I think I can safely say quite a few things about his personality! He is an awesome person to be around, most of the time. He is definitely not afraid to say what he thinks, if you get on the wrong side of Ryan, you will know about it. If you are spending time with him, be prepared to know what he thinks, sometimes words come out before he has a chance to think about it!

Otherwise, he is the other side of the guitar duo we having going on in this house. Thankfully he has gotten much better over the past year, no more playing the same 4 notes over and over again. Always fun to be around, up for banter and some of the things he comes out with are pure gold and hilarious. He is also a fabulous cook, can make anything and its delicious.

Also for an Environmental Science student, he takes a lot of abuse about being a tree hugger. Its got to be said that if there was a “green” scale for rating environmentally aware people, Ryan would be pretty low on the list. All I can say is I’m glad we don’t pay for the lighting.

Other things you need to know about Ryan, MOUNTAIN BIKES. LOTS AND LOTS OF MOUNTAIN BIKES. Which reminds me, miss you Starkey!