Name: Sophie

Age: 20

Studies: Psychology

From: England

Last but in no way least, Sophie! That is the south of England, wouldn’t want to get mixed up with those Northerners.

The only other real coffee drinker in the house, caffeine buddies if you will 🙂 Only person who didn’t live in Adda 2.1 last year, but you couldn’t tell if you where in the house now, definitely one of the family.

We have had a lot of random conversations this year, mostly late at night or as a distraction from work. Her room also has the best placed radiator in the house, right beside her bed. Would have to sit on the floor in my own room!

Sophie and Chris always seem to be creeping each other out too, which is always amusing. Worth noting that in the photo, that must have been a rare sunny day in Bangor. Sophie trying to play cards has also provided us with much amusement over the past few days, where she struggles to remember the rules.

What else is there to note? Sophie and her cupboard…. Heard something being dropped in the kitchen? There is a 95% chance it was poor Sophie loosing a fight with her awkwardly placed cupboard in the kitchen.

Sophie definitely completes the group here, the only person missing is Andy!