Name: Stephanie

Age: 19

Studies: Primary Education

From: England

Steph is the mother of the house. She makes sure we all eat, sleep and get our work done. There are so many things that wouldn’t get done if Steph wasn’t here. While I remember, Steph’s new red hair in the photo above 🙂

I have no doubt in my mind that Steph will be a fabulous Primary School teacher in a couple more years. She takes everything to do with her degree very seriously, and always does her work to the best of her abilities. Definitely a perfectionist as far as rule 29 allows.

She is a home bird too, heads home quite often to see her family, which makes it lucky that its not too far from home here at university. Although I always have a part of my family with me here, so I guess I’m never really totally homesick.

Things you need to know, well, all I can think about right now is how much I would kill for a cup of tea made by the capable hands of Stephanie. She always almost has some emergency biscuits too, and is willing to share!