I have always been a great believer in the ideology that everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is something you are taught as a child that you never forget. Opinions are great things, they give you an insight into people, their thoughts, other ways of thinking, things you missed or have never thought about before. Being able to have and present opinions is a powerful tool of the human species, ultimately having opinions allows us to make decisions.

My issue with opinions is when people are misinformed. One of my biggest hates is people who push opinions upon you when they themselves don’t fully understand what they are talking about. And let’s be clear, being misinformed and presenting an opinion doesn’t make you wrong, you could be right or wrong or neutral or “I don’t really care” but people should be aware that presenting an opinion is ultimately the beginning of a social interaction in which your point of view might be challenged, and that is where things tend to go sour. It wouldn’t be unknown of me to challenge an opinion in conversation I agree with, simply because how people justify an opinion is often more interesting and telling than the opinion itself.

Real opinions should come from knowledge of the subject, as data processing engines (brains) we should form opinions based upon interpretation of facts, knowledge and understanding. So please, for my sake and for others, do some research and try not to judge or exercise opinions about things before you understand them. I know it is difficult, and it’s a rule that everyone including myself has broken countless times. We are programmed to gather facts, process for patterns and make a decision quickly, breaking that process is a challenge. Also remember rule 9: Everybody Lies. This includes the Internet which is 85% spam, 10% lies and 5% useful things.

Next time you read something online, ask yourself this question: “Who wrote this?” And using that thought, think about how even though it may be factual, that person probably has an opinion/view on what they are writing about. There are exceptions of course, but often the interesting things are what you can read between the lines.

This is of course my opinion on opinions, feel free to disagree!