Well I have now been properly home for a whole week and I have to say its nice to be back! Trying to remember the last time I was here for more than a few days, it must have been at the end of May or the beginning of June – it’s weird how details slip away over time!

Had a lovely standard Christmas time with the family and a nice catch up with the extended family on Boxing Day, apart from that it’s been business as usual plenty of work to be done, with 4 exams in January I am determined to continue my “doing well” spree from this semester. After acing all of the assignments for a module it would be such a shame to not attempt to ace the exam (hell I’ve pulled it off in the past!).

I always thought when I got to 21 the Christmas gift well would dry up but that hasn’t been the case! Got some lovely presents from my family including a rocking new pair of Bluetooth headphones which should help me blitz through a lot of revision and my second family over at Spotify hooked me up with a lovely set of Spotify Connect enabled speakers – thank you everyone! 🙂

The whole idea of this blog is to reflect on life and work, and I can’t help but think as I type this that I am incredibly lucky. Lucky that I have such an awesome family, lucky that I have friends who care about me all over the world, lucky that I’ve had the opportunities I have had – jobs, university, travel… Is some of it earned through hard work? Yes – but I am still thankful to the people who have made it all possible.

It’s hard to believe 2013 is almost over, it’s been a good year for me but a rough year for some people I care about a lot. Here’s hoping to a great ’14 for everyone! I’ve got so much planned, finishing year 3 (then only one to go!), visiting an amazing friend in the USA and spending another (sunny *crosses fingers*) summer in Jaguar Land Rover! It’s going to be hard watching my close friends and housemates graduate at the end of this Uni year knowing I have another to do but hell they deserve it! Glad it’s not me in all honesty, I enjoy university too much to give it up just yet, that and the fact I will have some pretty big life decisions to make when I finish!

Definitely time for bed – early start to the market for breakfast tomorrow!