Well it has been a mad week, the long journey here was just the beginning of being tired! That being said, was amazingly happy to see Stephanie at the weekend, really missing everyone already!

First thing I want to say is work is hard. Not hard as in mentally difficult, but hard because working days are so long. I’ve been told I am not allowed to complain about this by two primary education students (one of which I know quite well!) since they have placements as part of university, so yes I now understand your pain of early mornings and long days – although just think you guys get monster summers!

I have to say, for a first week everything seems to be going well. My manager and the people I have been working with are all very nice, and unlike some of the other placement students I have actually been given work to do, it gives a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day when you know you have achieved something someone asked you to do.

Getting used to the traffic around Coventry has been an interesting experience, some of the roads around here an unbelievable. I have to say I think I will only be relaxed in my car when I am back in Wales away from the Coventry ring road which is just literally the circle of death.

The details of what goes on in JLR definitely take place behind closed doors, it feels weird being trusted with so much information (although I don’t have access to anything top trade secret or anything!). Being involved in real meetings shockingly made me realize why we do modules such as Professional Perspectives and Project Planning in university, those modules that seem pointless at the time but then are actually incredibly useful – annoying to admit you where wrong about it!

In other news, from yesterday I am no longer a BlackBerry user. Upon announcing they where not bringing BlackBerry 10 to the Playbook this weekend, I decided I was done supporting a company who are willing to break promises again and again. I went to o2, being a long time customer to see what they could do and they hooked me up with an early upgrade, on a cheaper tariff with more minutes and data and a free iPhone 4S so I really can’t complain – that is excellent service. To be honest, after less than 1 day using an iPhone I can’t understand why I stayed with BlackBerry for so long, everything just works which can’t be said for BlackBerry!

Went to the cinema last night to see The Hangover 3, have to say I was pretty disappointed, I don’t think it was at the same level as the 2nd one and definitely nothing compared to the original!

Plan for tonight, watch the new Top Gear at 8pm and then do some Spotify Community stuff 🙂

On the note of TV, the F1 today what a race! I think Pirelli have a lot of explaining to do, almost thought they where going to red flag the race at one point!