Started my Project Planning and Management module for this semester today, I don’t think I have ever had so much fun in a learning environment before!

The task, in team, was to create an archway out of Lego bricks, with bricks and time both eating into our allocated budget for the project. Any money we did not spend we treated as profit and the team with the highest profit at the end won. Simple but complex!

I decided, to take charge and negotiated down the price of bricks and labor time with the lecturer for our team, although I think I could have pushed for an even better price if I am honest. Knowing many members of the team from the Electronics Lab, I knew that clear direction was key, so I stood up and took control of the group, dividing the tasks and building modules between each team member.

In the end, we set a new record for the fastest build time ever in the task. It took the team just 34 seconds to build the bridge from single bricks to free standing and for me to crawl under it twice! Unfortunately, we didn’t win due to some overspending on bricks, and in the end, the team who made a smaller bridge pipped us to victory. Still was a great opening exercise to make everyone, including myself, realize that in the real world, being a project/team leader is like balancing a lot of plates and in the end of the day it comes down to money!

I was really pleased with how everyone worked together, and was pleasantly surprised at how I dealt with taking charge of the group.