Hard to believe the last time I had a chance to update my own blog was way back in February! So much has happened since then, so old times sake I think it’s worth a quick summary! 🙂

First lets get some music on, Spotify’s new Discovery weekly is where its at:

Gadget Show Live

20150411_121719000_iOS 20150411_120311000_iOS

Thanks to my excellent friend Dave, I got to go to The Gadget Show Live this year. It’s an event that has been on my calendar for a long time, and it was a fantastic tech filled day! Safe to say I saw enough tech I wanted to empty my wages for at least the next year. Fingers crossed we can have a re-union trip next year too!

Finished University

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After 4 great years in Bangor, university finally came to an end. The last few months in Bangor with my wonderful housemates was the perfect way to end things, I miss them all very much already. It was really nice to have the parents and RyRy at graduation, where I not only got my 1st class MEng (Hons) but I also scooped the prestigious Dr John Robert Jones prize for being the top non-welsh student across the entire university as well as the IET Prize for being the top engineering student! You can read all about me on Bangor’s website here.

Enjoyed a visit home

20150604_171721941_iOS 20150609_113224746_iOS 20150605_172037037_iOS 20150618_100409000_iOS 20150603_140242325_iOS

Spent a little time at home catching up with all of my family, and enjoying some rare Northern Ireland sunshine and a trip to the zoo!

Holiday to England and then Freiburg

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Had a wonderful time exploring Cheshire with Jenny including a stop off at Beeston Castle and Jodrell Bank observatory (which is my kind of place!). Then a nice break out to Freiburg to see the wonderful Sophie with Jenny and Chris! 😀


20150813_142814701_iOS 20150813_094820564_iOS 20150813_095305680_iOS 20150813_124127799_iOS 20150813_102633386_iOS

One of my “must visit again” locations from my childhood, with 18,000 airmiles to burn and very little time to plan, it was the obvious choice of destination. The weather wasn’t fabulous, but it was still a great trip. It’s still one of my top 5 places in the world.

Spotify – Rock Star Jam 2015

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Although my activity has taken a huge slide over recent months, the wonderful people over at Spotify where kind enough to still invite me to Rock Star Jam 2015. It was great to meet the new extended team and some familiar faces too! The 3 day trip included everything from Viking dining, to office tours, feedback sessions, demonstrations and competitive table tennis!

Old friends, new place & new job! 

20150911_205951000_iOS 1 20150823_155458000_iOS 20150918_145636000_iOS

So it’s official, I’ve moved to Coventry, the new flat is all sorted and moved into and I’ve started as a Graduate Research Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover based at Warwick University. And I’m a student again (kinda), through the JLR graduate scheme I’m signed up to take MSc modules to enhance my development eventually leading to an MSc (all paid for!). Last weekend, I got to spend some time with two of my favourite people too! 😀

And that is me up to date I think! I won’t leave it so long next time! 😀